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How to start your fire:

We recommend keeping things natural by starting your fire with a solid fire starter. (fire starter details)

Stack WESTERN® Real Wood Lump Charcoal in a pyramid on top of the solid fire starter in your grill. Once the starter is lit, it will burn down and ignite the charcoal.  The starter will continue to burn ensuring the coals are completely lit.

You can also use liquid fire starter. Follow directions on package for amount to use. Apply liquid starter to pyramid, let soak for 30 seconds, and then light.

In approximately 15 minutes, when your coals are glowing, spread lump charcoal and you are ready to use.


Remember, always cook with lid closed to control the rate of burn.  Control heat level by adjusting air flow: vents open, more heat - vents closed, less heat.

The flavor is in the smoke.

Charcoal is a flavor that many people identify with BBQ.  Especially burgers and hot dogs and a warm summer day.  With Lump Charcoal you can get that great flavor in a 100% natural way because it's all natural wood with no additives.  However, like briquettes, we recommend adding additional wood to enhance or change the flavor of the items you cook.  Like a seasoning, wood smoke flavor can be increased or decreased simply by controlling how much smoke is generated.  Below are some tips on using wood to achieve the flavor you are looking for.

Using Chunks with Charcoal

Using Chips with Charcoal

Using Chunks with Charcoal


Follow the standard lump charcoal lighting instructions that you will find above. Minutes before the lump charcoal coals are ready to cook on, use tongs to place 3 to 5 chunks (maybe more, depending on the size of your fire) in various places around your bed of coals. The chunks will then begin to smolder and smoke.  More smoke, more flavor.


BBQ Wood Chunks

Using Chips with Charcoal


If you would like to use wood chips with lump charcoal, you will need a metal smoker tray.  Place 2 to 3 handfuls of chips into the tray.  Fit as much in the tray as you can.  Place the tray directly onto the grill above the flame.  As the tray heats up, the chips will begin to smoke.  Move the tray to one side in order to place the food on, but keep the tray smoking during the cooking process.  Remember, the flavor is in the smoke.



BBQ Wood Chips

When cooking with charcoal, we recommend using Lump Charcoal instead of briquettes so that you are still cooking over natural wood.


Lump Charcoal is natural charcoal and you use it just as you would briquettes. Since it is natural wood, it burns hotter and it lasts longer than briquettes.

All charcoal is made by burning wood in very low oxygen levels. This leaves mostly carbon. In this raw form, it is known as natural or Lump Charcoal.  From there, it is simply placed in a bag and is ready for retail.


Briquettes on the other hand, still have more processing to go through.  To make briquettes, Lump Charcoal is ground into a powder and mixed together with coal.  The mix is held together with binding agents such as starches, coal dust, oil products and other binders.  Other ingredients found in briquettes include limestone and borax.

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